Women’s Health

At Elevate PT, we are dedicated to women’s health and gender-specific care. We want to support and help women in all age groups live stronger, healthier lives.

We offer a full range of services, specifically for women including:

Pregnancy Related Pain: Most medical experts agree that mothers-to-be can benefit greatly from prenatal care. Women who visit their health care provider regularly during pregnancy are shown to have healthier babies, are less likely to deliver prematurely and are less likely to have other serious medical problems related to pregnancy. Elevate PT offers services tailored for moms before and after birth.

  • Both during and after pregnancy
  • Postpartum Pain

Bladder Pain & Incontinence: Urinary incontinence simply means leaking urine. Incontinence can range from leaking just a few drops of urine to complete emptying of the bladder. Incontinence is a very common problem, but is not a part of aging. If you have this problem, you do not have to “just live with it.” We provide treatments and exercise you can learn to reduce and stop urine leakage.

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence
  • Urge Urinary Incontinence
  • Bladder pain
  • Bladder Prolapse (Cystocele)

Pelvic Pain: At Evelvate PT, we understand the complexity of pelvic pain and its impact on an individual’s quality of life. Most patients have multiple underlying causes of their pelvic pain. In some cases, it may take time to diagnose the root cause of your pain. Even if this is the case, there are exercises we can practice to help control your pain while we continue to work towards a diagnosis.

  • Pain during Sexual Intercourse (Dyspareunia)
  • Pelvic Pain Syndromes
  • Menstrual pelvic pain
  • Sacroilliac Dysfunction (SIJ Dysfunction)
  • Diastasis Recti Abdominus
  • Pudendal Neuralgia