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What is Chronic pain? | Elevate Physical Therapy Chicago

Persistent pain in a specific body region over a prolonged period is called chronic pain. Chronic pain could be continuous or intermittent. People suffering from chronic pain generally use heavy doses of harmful painkillers to gain temporary relief. This practice of consuming medicine is not only harmful to the organs of the body but also is not a permanent solution for the pain.

How does Chronic pain adversely affect daily activities?

People suffering from chronic pain complain of lack of focus, inability to concentrate, lack of sleep, fatigue, mood swings, and severe limitations in using affected body parts. This leads to anxiety and an adverse effect on working and social life. The continuous and nagging nature of the pain creates a severely negative impact on the persons suffering from this pain and can lead them to depression. 

Most Common areas affected by chronic pain

Chronic pain is extremely common in adults. A recent survey suggests that 25% of Americans suffer from chronic pain, that’s 1 out of every four. Some of the most generic areas that can be classified as chronic pain are as follows:

  • neck pain
  • migraines
  • knee pain
  • muscle pain
  • arthritis and joint pain
  • testicular pain
  • pain in the scar tissue
  • neurogenic pain
  • pain in regions near cancerous tumors. 

Common Causes of chronic pain:

Chronic pain could directly result from other diseases or infections such as Arthritis or Cancer. A person who has Arthritis suffers from severe joint pain, whereas someone who has cancer could face chronic pain near the infected region. 

Bad posture, lingering injuries, incomplete recovery from injuries, and an inadequate lifestyle could also result in chronic pain diagnosis. Although pain is usually associated with physical attributes, chronic pain can also be caused by psychological factors such as stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Healthcare workers term chronic pain due to psychological factors as psychogenic or psychosomatic pain. 

Relief remedies for chronic pain

Chronic pain is usually a derived side effect of an underlying injury or disease. To treat chronic pain, it is important to find the root cause of the pain, and hence seeking professional and the best physiotherapists advice is important. Popping painkillers provide only temporary relief from the pain and are counterproductive in the long run. 

Certain therapies help manage chronic pain:

  • CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Physical Therapy

The benefits of Physical Therapy in relieving Chronic pain

Physical Therapy has proved extremely successful in treating chronic pains. The Best Physiotherapist gets to the root cause of your pain and provides a treatment that most benefits you. Chronic pain is usually non-traumatic and stems from repetitive positions on the body. For example, this pain can be from doing the same workout repetitively without cross-training, sitting at a desk all day, or even sleeping on an older mattress. A professional physical therapist works with patients to alleviate pain by identifying stressors and customizing a stretching and strength program for each person’s individual needs. They also work to identify the position or activity causing pain and find the corrective exercise to help alleviate those symptoms. Then they work to correct posture and positions to avoid future pain.

Elevate Physical Therapy: The Best Pain Management Doctors in Chicago

Elevate Physical Therapy was founded in Chicago to provide expert, experienced, and personalized physical therapy care to clients in an environment conducive to healing. Elevate believes that the more you know about what is going on with your body, the more empowered you feel to control ailments, no matter how acute or chronic.

With over 30 years of combined industry experience, Elevate treats its clients with proven physical therapy methods and does not experiment on clients by purporting therapies with no support in the evidence for success. Elevate provides a holistic approach to pain management and injury prevention. We make use of the best practices in Physiotherapy to manage your pain. Elevate believes that being educated on what is making you hurt is the key to managing and controlling it.

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