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Are you suffering from pain? | Are you prone to body pain?

Most people suffer from some kind of pain. Pain could be related to your posture, work, stress, ailments, lifestyle, or sports-related injuries. Modern medicine has evolved leaps and bounds, but the side effects of the medicine haven’t completely been eliminated yet. 

Physical Therapy is the one branch of healthcare that is a proven effective pain management method with virtually no side effects. A professional Physical Therapist help relieve acute and chronic pain and help manage pain radiating from injuries or ailments. Physical Therapy is a non-invasive, natural, and successful method to achieve relief from pain and get pain-free movement while you hustle in your life. 

The top 5 benefits of Physical Therapy.

1. Be the best version of yourself:

Maximize your physical movements and live pain-free.

Physical therapy is an important asset for anyone wishing to improve coordination, stability, endurance, and agility. For young people, it can help prevent age-related frailty. Physical therapy can help patients achieve their goals.

If you want to improve your physical health, Physical Therapists can develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals and live healthier lives.

2. Cure the disease, not the symptoms:

Get permanent relief from the pain, and treat the root cause.

One of the main goals of physical therapy is to resolve the underlying factors contributing to a person’s condition. This is important because if these factors are left unaddressed, the relief that a person experiences is likely to be only temporary. Physical therapists look for common underlying factors, including shortened muscles, scar tissue, range-of-motion limitations, muscle activation problems, impaired ergonomics and body mechanics, and postural imbalances. By providing services such as patient education, work-hardening programs, and other techniques, physical therapists can help address both symptoms and causes. This is why physical therapy is such an important part of overall health and wellness.

3. Live Free:

Physical Therapy has no side effects and can be done without inhibitions.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to medical treatment for pain. Safety, effectiveness, and cost are often at the top of patients’ minds. Physical therapy services offer a unique combination of all three. They are safe, with a very low risk of side effects. They are also highly effective, reducing pain, swelling, inflammation, and other impairments related to a patient’s condition. And finally, they are relatively affordable and require less downtime than many other medical procedures. For all these reasons, physical therapy services should be considered an important part of any medical treatment plan.

4. Resist relying on medication

Physical Therapy can help reduce the intake of harmful drugs, which can cause damage in the long run.
According to the CDC, opioids are frequently overprescribed in the United States, which has led to an epidemic of abuse and addiction. These powerful drugs can be very harmful and should only be used as a last resort to treat chronic pain. Before resorting to opioids, patients should consider physical therapy. PT is an evidence-based treatment that is safe, effective, and often more successful than opioids in managing chronic pain. Additionally, PT can help patients avoid the risk of abuse and addiction associated with opioids. If you are struggling with chronic pain, talk to your doctor about whether PT might be the right step forward for you.

5. You are unique. Get customized treatment:

Your needs are unique. Why should your treatment be generic?
A physical therapist will work with you to create a plan of care that is completely personalized to your needs. The main focus of any care plan is addressing the patient’s unique goals, resolving their impairments, and optimizing their recovery, functional independence, and long-term health. PT techniques can help achieve these outcomes through modalities (such as ultrasound, Kinesio taping, dry needling, orthotics and prosthetics fitting, electrical stimulation, or diathermy), therapeutic exercises, manual therapy (such as massage or joint mobilizations), or neuromuscular re-education (such as balance training). 

You’ll receive an individualized treatment plan to accelerate your healing. This plan is modified to meet your goals and needs and may be adjusted as you progress in recovery. Your PT may also incorporate self-management strategies or recommendations for lifestyle changes to optimize your health. Ultimately, the goal of physical therapy is to improve mobility and function.

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