What is Dry Needling Treatment?

Dry needling is an advanced and effective method to help manage pain. The procedure involves penetrating microfilament needles into the tightened muscles to release the tautness. It is a completely safe and medication-free procedure and has almost instant results in pain relief. 

The highly trained and experienced trigger point dry needling experts at Elevate PT possess the expertise to identify the trigger points in the muscles and execute the dry needling therapy with extreme care and caution and deliver relief from pain.


How do I know if dry needling is an option for pain relief for me? 


Our dry needling therapists evaluate and guide you to decide what best fits your needs. Dry Needling is a great alternative to help relieve pain, especially in hard-to-reach body areas.


Does Dry Needling Treatment Hurt?

Like with any procedure, whether or not you experience pain can differ from person to person. Some patients claim that they don’t feel any pain, while others say they can feel moderate pain in the treated area. Patients also say they can feel instant relief in the muscle, with some tenderness later on.


How does dry needling differ from acupuncture? 

Dry needling goes deeper into the targeted and specific muscle and treats localized areas of soft tissue pain.


Elevate Physical Therapy believes in the education of our patients to self manage and treat their pain symptoms without requiring the need of a healthcare professional every time pain occurs. Our physical therapists utilize dry needling as an alternative way to target & relieve pain areas without using medication. We also provide many methods to manage and alleviate pain for our patients and work with them to find the best path for their daily life.