Chronic Pain

All humans experience pain throughout their lifetime. Although common, it’s extremely frustrating and can disrupt the normal day-to-day life for many individuals. For some, the pain resolves itself in time, for others, the pain is constant and interferes with their daily life. ELEVATE PT works with individuals to understand different types of pain, and how to manage the pain. Our goal is to get our patients as pain-free as possible, and back to their rhythm of life.


There are two types of inflammatory pain, Mechanical and Chemical. Mechanical pain is usually non-traumatic in nature and stems from repetitive positions on the body. For example, this pain can be from doing the same workout repetitively without cross-training, sitting at a desk all day, or even sleeping on an older mattress. Elevate PT works with patients to alleviate pain by identifying stressors and customizing a stretching and strength program for each person’s individual needs. They also work to identify the position or activity that is causing pain and find the corrective exercise to help alleviate those symptoms. Then they work to correct posture and positions to avoid future pain.


The other type of inflammatory pain is chemical inflammation. This is usually due to trauma to the body and should usually resolve in 2 weeks. Chemical inflammation can be caused by a wide variety of events, for example, a sports injury, muscle tears, bursitis, or taking a hard fall. More severe chemical inflammation can range from food sensitivity, Lupus, or diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.  Chemical responses are the natural first stages of healing that the body uses to initiate repair.


If either type of inflammation exceeds the expected healing time (more than 6 weeks), it is important to consult a health care professional to pinpoint the source of the pain and implement a plan of care to reverse and manage the pain.