Shivani Patel Best physical Therapist Chicago

Are You Experiencing Chronic or Intractable Pain?

Elevate PT, based in Chicago, is one of the best healthcare clinics which provides personalized and expert treatment in chronic pain management through Physical Therapy and care. We understand that pain results from something astray in your body and daily routine. We use pain relief methods that provide immediate relief from pain and employ practices that treat the root causes of pain. 


Chronic pain syndrome occurs due to inflammatory pain of two types in our body:


  1. Mechanical Pain:

Mechanical pain is usually a direct outcome of using our body daily; in a specific way. Our slouching posture, incorrect sleeping positions, and flawed weight lifting regime are examples of causes of mechanical pain. 

Elevate PT works closely with the patients by identifying stressors to customize stretches and exercises that alleviate pain for immediate relief and identify postures and activities that cause the pain. A comprehensive understanding of the case history and the corrective measures help prevent future pain from those activities and postures. 


  1. Chemical Pain:

Chemical Inflammation stems from trauma to the body. Accidental or sports injuries, muscle tears, bursitis, or hard falls are the main causes of chemical pain in our bodies. Severe chemical inflammation can range from food sensitivity, Lupus or diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.  

Chemical responses are the natural first stages of healing that the body uses to initiate repair. The body usually recovers from this type of pain within two weeks. If the pain does not subside after two weeks, contact your health care and chronic pain physical therapist for a further course of action.


At Elevate PT, our goal is to get our patients as pain-free as possible and back to their rhythm of life. Emphasis is placed on finding the root causes of your pain and customizing a treatment plan to help reduce and eliminate those symptoms.