get specialists in physical therapists near me Chicago

Are there Specialists in Physical Therapy? When Would You Need Them?

get specialists in physical therapists near me Chicago

You could occasionally experience a specific issue that requires a physical therapist with specialized training to diagnose and manage particular issues or work with particular demographics. Physical therapists may specialize in the following areas:

  • Pediatric Physical Therapists:

Physical therapists who work with children with developmental delays or other issues that could restrict functional mobility have received specialized training in pediatrics. These therapists frequently work in schools or children’s homes to provide treatment. Your local department of education is typically able to help you find a pediatric physical therapist. Children can also receive PT at several hospitals.

  • Home care:

A physical therapist may visit the patient’s home for an assessment or treatment if they have a mobility issue and cannot leave the house due to illness or a lack of suitable transportation. These PT experts might collaborate with a neighborhood visiting nurses association or work alone.

  • Back pain: 

Some physical therapists are trained to treat neck and low back pain. Usually, these therapists operate in outpatient clinics.

  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation Specialists:

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is for those who have had a heart attack, have a lung disease like COPD, or have undergone a transplant. Physical therapists may choose to focus on this kind of rehabilitation.

  • Hands:

A few occupational and physical therapists are certified in hand therapy. These therapists are experts in treating the hand and wrist following surgery or injury. Usually, they are employed by hospitals or outpatient clinics.

You can view the other physical therapists accessible on the APTA website mentioned above.

Finally, don’t be scared to ask questions when searching for a physical therapist. Make sure you feel comfortable around the individual performing the physical therapy. Being at ease will make regaining maximum health and wellness easier and swift.

Elevate Physical Therapy, Chicago:

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