Who we are?

Who We Are – Manisha and Shivani share over 30 years of experience working as physical therapists in the Chicagoland area. This extensive experience has allowed them to practically learn and implement treatment based on best practices, and gold standard levels of care for musculoskeletal and orthopedic pain and injury management.


Our Goal is to help you reach YOUR GOALS. Whether it be return to your regular exercise routine, return to sport or recreational activity or simply to just be more comfortable in your day to day routine.


Life moves fast. When you get a chance to stop, stand, and take a look around, you shouldn’t have pain as a distraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are FAQs That Our Client’s Ask Us! We hope you find this helpful.

Do I Need a Prescription for Physical Therapy

In Illinois, a doctor’s referral or prescription is no longer required to begin therapy services. This allows you direct access to our services without having to see your physician first, so you can get started getting better, faster.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans, as well as Medicare.

What if I Don't Have Either BCBS or Medicare, or Don?t want To Use My Insurance Because I Have a High Deductible?

We offer competitive pricing for PT service packages. This allows you to actively manage your health, without having to worry about the restraints insurance companies can present.

These packages usually cost less than the average insurance deductibles and allow more freedom with services. Keep in mind, our packages cost less than most insurance deductibles, and do not have restrictions on what and how conditions can be treated.

You can purchase:

  • $200 for the initial evaluation and then each 60-minute session: $150/session
  • Six 60-minute sessions: $855 (approx $142/session after 10% discount)**
    • **Packages of six or more 60-minute sessions are offered at a discount of 10%.
  • Dry Needling – $120/session.
What Can I Expect From My First PT Session?

Your first session, or initial evaluation, is where you and your therapist will have an in-depth discussion about what brings you in to see us, and what your goals are for wellness. A thorough history is taken, and an appropriate orthopedic movement examination is conducted to determine possible causes for your pain or injury? From there, we discuss the projected length of care, education on your injury, and provide you with a customized home exercise program to begin working towards your goals.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

We require 48 hrs notice if you cannot come to a scheduled appointment. Failure to show for a scheduled appointment or cancelling within 48 hrs of appointment start time will result in a $100 no show /late cancellation fee.

What Should I wear to Physical Therapy?

Wear comfortable clothes loose-fitting clothing and gym or comfortable shoes that you would work out in.

Why Are You Different Than Any Other Physical Therapy Clinic That I Would Go?

We have been working in the field of physical therapy in Chicago for more than 15 years, and don’t believe that physical therapy has to be the commercial service that it has turned into over the years. We have not only acquired extensive evidence-based knowledge and skills on how to clinically treat musculoskeletal injuries but more importantly, have learned how to treat individuals as a whole. We take into account everything that is going on in your lives and understand that coming back from pain or injury is important on multiple levels. We have come to see that it isn’t only just a physical impairment that you are dealing with, but that other factors can have a significant impact on your healing. We have seen that when physical therapy is an enjoyable and friendly experience, people get better and stay better for longer. We can be your healing home away from home.

    Awards and Accreditations

    Shivani Patel Elevate physical therapy Chicago
    Manisha Patel Elevate physical therapy Chicago

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    We hope that these testimonials from individuals who have received treatment with our therapists provide you inspiration and encouragement.


    Madelaine Kukanza
    Madelaine Kukanza
    I can't recommend Elevate enough! Shivani was so positive, knowledgable and helpful. I will definitely go back for future PT needs and will recommend to Lakeview friends!
    Rachel Hoovler
    Rachel Hoovler
    Dr. Shivani is amazing! I am doing PT before my ACL reconstructive surgery and have had such a great experience. She is warm, friendly, kind, and super knowledgeable. I came in afraid to even take my brace off and in two weeks, I’m already able to do lunges and squats. Highly recommend Elevate- they will take great care of you!
    Elizabeth Williamson
    Elizabeth Williamson
    Manisha and Shivani are amazing. They are 100% focused on you during you appointments and fun to work with.
    Jason Maher
    Jason Maher
    All the therapist who work here are fantastic at what they do and really care about your health and recovery. They are also just really fun to be around and even laugh at my lame jokes. After my 8 month recovery I was sad to say goodbye. Looking forward to getting injured again so I can go back. Highly recommend!
    William Himmelstein
    William Himmelstein
    Shivani and Manisha are absolutely wonderful! They were supportive, fun, and pushed me when needed. I could not have imagined a more enjoyable rehab experience than what these two provided. They make a wonderful team and have structured a terrific atmosphere to do something that is not typically looked at very positively. I was so grateful for their expertise, guidance, and sense of humor as I rehabbed from my injury. Thank you so much!
    nick martocchio
    nick martocchio
    Manisha and Shivani were amazing and helped my low back a lot.
    William Baldwin
    William Baldwin
    I went in to Elevate after spraining my ankle, entirely unable to walk, and even after the first session I knew I had picked the right place. Shivani did a fantastic job finding out what the best course of action was for my recovery, and she made it fun along the way. I always looked forward to going in to physical therapy because I knew in addition to the top level therapeutic care there would also be a friendliness and personality that you can't find elsewhere. Could I have gotten my ankle back to working order at a different therapist? Probably. But I wouldn't have had as good of a time doing it. I highly recommend Shivani and Elevate.